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Things To Do In Nepal

Mountain Flights/Everest Flights
Besides Mount Everest (8848 m), the highest peak in the world, Nepal also has eight more peaks that stand above 8000 meters. We offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an extremely close-up view of these magnificent peaks and their lesser, but still mighty, sister peaks via one hour Mountain/Everest Flights. And you don’t have to worry about the weather playing foul because these are guaranteed flights which means that flights are operated only when the weather is good and the view is satisfactory. Although Mountain Flights are enjoyable all year round, the period from February to April and the months of October and November are especially suitable times to get better a better view. Most domestic airlines operate Mountain Flights regularly and also award certificates of honor to the passengers as everlasting mementos. If you feel like getting even closer to the Himalayas, we can always arrange special Helicopter Flights for you. An experience of a lifetime? Most definitely a resounding ‘Yes’!

Jungle Safari 
About 15,000 sq km of the country, amounting to almost 18 percent of the total area, are protected. Nepal has nine National Parks, four Wildlife Reserves and three Conservation Areas. 
National Parks: Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, Rara National Park, Khaptad National Park, Makalu Barun National Park, Shey-Phoksundo National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Shivapuri National Park and Langtang National Park. 
Wildlife Reserves: Shukla Phant Wildlife Reserve, Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Koshi-Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Parsa Wildlife Reserve 
Conservation Areas: Annapurna Conservation Area, Manaslu Conservation Area and Kanchenjunga Conservation Area. 
The Terai: The lowland Terai jungles are rich in wildlife like Royal Bengal tigers, one horned rhinos, marsh mugger crocodiles, gharials, swamp deer, musk deer, black bucks and blue bulls as well as Asiatic wild buffaloes. The parks and reserves are also rich in bird species that include large varieties of babbles and orioles, koels and drongos, peacocks and floricans, and a multitude of wintering wildfowl. A jungle safari in Nepal can be a very exciting experience for you and your family. Experience elephant back safaris, bush walking, bird watching, dugout canoeing as well as recreation activities and cultural programs.

Bungee Jumping
Only a few other sporting activities can compare with bungee jumping as far as guaranteeing an adrenaline rush is concerned. Nepal’s bungee jumping site is situated 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi River, a mere three-hour ride from Kathmandu and very close to the scenic Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge. To give you an idea of the height from where you will be jumping, New Zealand’s highest bungee jump is from 134m, the Statue of Liberty stands only 92 m tall and a 25 storey building is about 76m high. Designed by one of New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants, the jump is operated by experienced jump masters and is claimed to be mishap-proof. The 166m-wide steel suspension bridge is the longest of its kind in Nepal and joins two magnificent valleys across a river gorge.

For the adventure seeker, paragliding can be a fulfilling experience and a ride that will take you over some of the best scenery on earth. The flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, the best months being November and December. One of the favorite locations for paragliding in Nepal is Sarangkot (1592m.) in Pokhara. Qualified pilots provide a short briefing before launching. 
Paragliding sites:
-Kathmandu Area: Mt Monastery, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Shivapuri, Shivapuri New, Hetauda, Shreebran, Dhulikhel
-Pokhara Area: Sarangkot, Diki-Danga, Begnas Tal, Muktinath, Korchon, Nuwakot, Galem, Tansen, Bandipur, Andi -Khola - Sirkot, Sirubari, Dechuli, Karkineta, Chitwan
-Western Region: Surkhet, Dailekh

White Water Rafting
Known as one of the best destinations in the world for white water rafting, Nepal’s rivers originate from the glaciers of the mighty Himalayas and provide unrivaled thrills. For the excitement of a lifetime, journey down rushing mountain rivers and over crashing waves and swirling rapids in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak. Close to both Kathmandu and Pokhara, the Trishuli River can satisfy anyone looking for a fantastic whitewater adventure. This river swells up considerably during the monsoons and becomes more of a thrilling challenge for the daring. The Marshyangdi River is one of the most exhilarating locations for white water rafting, with steeper and more continuous stretch of rapids and, while drifting through the world’s deepest gorge, the Kali Gandaki (one of the holiest rivers in Nepal), you will come across at every junction cremation sites and burial mounds. The Bhote Kosi River near the Sino-Nepal border is another great site for white water rafting. Rivers are graded on a scale of one to six, according to the nature of the mountain rivers, with grade one being the most tranquil and grade six being the most ferocious. 

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Mountain Biking
Nepal’s diverse terrain is a mountain biker’s dream adventure come true. Mountain biking offers an environmentally friendly way of exploring this magnificent country’s lovely landscape and living heritage. Hurtling down dirt roads on sturdy mountain bikes is a thrilling sport for any adventure seeker. Beginning right here in Kathmandu Valley, numerous dirt trails lead to far flung settlements with great views along the way which gets better as you climb to higher elevations. Popular destinations around the valley are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, Nagarkot and the Kathmandu Valley rim. Pokhara, with its incredible natural beauty and ever-smiling people, is also a fascinating place for bike rides. Hard core bikers can go all the way to Tibet. The annual Mountain Biking Championships, participated in by many enthusiastic tourists, are held every year in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

motorbike tours
A motorbike tour is an experience to savor - the serpentine roads keep you wondering as to what the next bend will bring while, at the same time, the excellent metalled roads make riding a pleasure and the cool breeze sharpens your senses and bring a song to your heart. Motorbike tours are for people looking for an insight into the rural life of Nepal along with great views of the evergreen forests of the lower Himalayas dotted with beautiful temples and monasteries along the way. Our motorbike tours will take you around all the three lower zones of the country, giving you a better insight into the life and culture of Nepal. 
The program has been designed after thorough reconnaissance and in-depth research and is so crafted as to meet all aspirations of the adventurous traveler. It is also our endeavor to give you enough space, time and mileage to drive over the isolated regions, the congested lanes, the highways and the serpentine road of the hills. Our bike tour will take you through Nepal on a guided safari to discover the best of Nepalese wildlife, culture and people. When you ride with the leader in off-road motorcycle adventures in Nepal, you’ll enjoy the finest customer service available and the challenge of rugged riding on Enfield motorcycles. Our motor bike adventures are tailored for all - from the novice to the expert level riders.
Bike tour can be arranged for Tibet also.

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